Handy Hadley was started in October of 2002 with roots going back to the early 70’s. Kevin Hadley, owner of Handy Hadley, began working at Packwood Lumber in Packwood, Iowa as a young man. He learned about home construction and repair from his father and the many contractors who were serviced by the lumberyard. In the summer of 1979 Kevin and a friend began a painting and home repair business to pay for college. The business was a success and continued in the summer of 1980. Since that time, Kevin has provided professional home repair service part time and full time as needs arose. In addition to home repair, Kevin has managed software development, taught a management course, taught software technical support, managed technical support desks, and did personal corporate sales.

Kevin’s business strategy is simple: provide fast, friendly, professional, service to the buyers and sellers of residential real estate. Handy Hadley is bonded, insured, member of the Irving Chamber of Commerce, the Better Business Bureau and the Dallas Country Realtors Association.

Kevin has one primary goal for his business, repeat customers. The best determination for meeting his business strategy is repeat business and referrals. Therefore, customer satisfaction is our highest priority. Kevin knows in order to obtain customer satisfaction, communication, honesty, and integrity are critical. All repairs are fully explained to the customer before work begins. Daily status sheets are provided detailing the percentage of work completed and the cost to date. Communication is accomplished in person, by phone, fax, or email.

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